How long does it take for antisycotic to work

I’m asking because I wana know.

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It has been my experience that the typicals work pretty quickly. The atypicals are a little slower. But God the typicals make me miserable.

It depends on the which antipsychotic, the individual, the method of delivery, etc. Knowing which specific antipsychotic you are referring to would help a lot. We could look it up on the internet. That information is readily available there.


amuilsprid.solian the generic name.its making me too tensed up.i can’t move.

According internet articles:

" It usually takes a few weeks to start working and it can take several months before you feel the full benefits."

For my experience you will feel the difference just after took it.but for maximum effect comes out after 1 or 2 months.and after 2 years you feel perfect(if you don t mind side effects)

I take Solian too and it works within a few days. I also take haloperidol and it works within a few hours but full effect takes longer

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How much Haldol do you take, if you don’t mind me asking? I have 5mg as PRN and it seems to come on pretty quickly

My pdoc prescribed me 4,5mg. She didn’t want to raise it as I had slight muscle stiffness and slight akathisia. The Solian makes up for the lower dose, but my pdoc says 4,5mg is a good therapeutic dose

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They say it usually from a few weeks to a couple months for a medication to become effective. No one can say such and such a medication will work in exactly 3 weeks for example. It depends on the individual, the medication, the dosage. There are multiple factors at play. Some people take an antipsychotic PRN and that works for them. You just have to try them and see how they effect you.

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When I was suffering from surveillance,
I upped clozapine dose to 400mg.
After 3 days, cameras had stopped worrying me.

So I think it needs some days for full effect.

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