How long do people have sex anyhow?


these old people having sex is pissing me off. I should be done with this business by the time im 40 then I should get to relax, garden, and watch the ballgame. the only reason I ask is because im afraid if I shut it down at 40 that my marriage would end in divorce or something. assuming I get married soon.

maybe ill meet someone who sex isn’t important to.


Sex drive is supposed to increase for women as they age and decrease for men as they age. Ain’t that wonderful. However for my parents it seems to be the reverse as my mom is going through menopause now and has no interest in it anymore to my dad’s chagrin.

I think it just depends on the person. There are people who are asexual who don’t have any interest in sex if that’s what you want. Otherwise it’s sort of a gamble when people will stop wanting sex, if ever. When I was shadowing my uncle at his clinic that was mostly older people in their 60’s or more I’d say it was 50/50 for those who were still sexually active and those that weren’t.


Oh I thought the question read “how long does a sex session last?”

… and the answer to that comes from nobody else than the world famous novelist Paulo Coelho.

11 minutes on average.



I want to have it until my naughty bits fall off.


There’s a place for retirees in Florida called The Villages. At one point it had the highest rate of std’s out of all the US. Lots of people in their 60s, 70s and even 80s still enjoy sex.


really? that’s crazy. it’s probably best that im single. lol, I couldn’t get it up to people in their 60’s 70’s and 80’s…gross :rofl::rofl::rofl:


You will when you’re that age!


young people are sexier. old people need to shut it down and make their peace with god.


You think 40 is old? I used to. Then when you turn 40 you realize it isn’t.

Now I know a guy who in his 40s and younger had a fetish for older women. Like 70+. When he was 50 his wife was 75.


well all of this pressure to have sex and prove im not passed my prime makes me want to get off my meds.

without my meds I can be a horny little devil. but on meds Im almost asexual. once a week and it’s mostly because old habits die hard, I really don’t get turned on. I keep reliving the same situation, I masturbate, get off and it’s not even really enjoyable and I wonder if I will do it again and why I did it in the first place? I don’t have guilt about it, but more and more I feel like a fool.


It’s a restricted plant in the eu, and it can make your heart race, but you could try yohimbe. Start with the smallest dose, might only need half a capsule


I’m 62 and still have a sex drive, off meds it is much higher, but on meds once a week is about all I want


I’m 59 next month and I’m female and I can tell you that most women don’t get sexier when they age. For the very big reason that intercourse after menopause is extremely painful. Even one finger is too much for a lot of us.


Invega and lithium has deep-sixed my libido. I cuddle with my wife a lot and we have a baby. It’s been about 10 months since our last rodeo


Hey, are we just supposed to turn off our sex drive? Because I’m 57 and as long as I have a sex drive I will keep the window open for possible sex. I’m 57 and about a year ago I thought there is no way I will ever have sex again because of my age and status. But once you see a pretty girl on the internet having explicit sex with two large dogs you kind of figure, “Hey, after seeing that, if I met this woman at a party would she really object to a little fooling around with the nice janitor?”


I don’t know, half an hour? It’s been quite awhile.

In fact I stopped being sexually active when I got diagnosed four years back. I have no idea what sex with schizophrenia would be like, I’m sure the voice would cut in.


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