How is everyone?


Sorry to hear you have a UTI. I hope you feel better soon. My dad was also peeing blood recently. It freaked us all out because it was on Christmas. For him though, it was because he had prostate cancer before and apparently sometimes that occurs to people who have had that due to scar tissue.

Anyway, yeah the voices suck. I can’t imagine hearing a scream like that. I’d freak out. What I hear often is the voice of some girl I used to be friends with. It tends to sound like she’s having a con with someone else. Rarely about me but yesterday it was partly about me. It is distracting. Years ago I used to think it was real. It sucks to hear voices.


I am well. :slight_smile: I ordered a few country cd’s. Haha. Some John Prine, Johnny Cash, and Willie Nelson.

I’m on this old school country music kick atm.

Hope you’re well @OcelotKitty.


That is good to hear, Montezuma! :slight_smile: And thank you, I’m doing fine. :slight_smile:

I hope the new CD’s bring you joy.


Thank you :slight_smile: I’m sure they will. Maybe not much joy to my wallet. But I write music off as a living expense. LOL. :joy:


Doing alright here. Felt irritable earlier and didn’t feel like being around anyone so I’ve been in my room all day. I think it’s gonna be okay though.


(hug) I hope you feel better soon, disciple.


Thanks. Hope your bladder infection clears up soon also.


I’m doing pretty well considering the breakthrough symptoms I’ve had recently


That’s good that you’re otherwise doing well. Have you talked to your doc about the breakthrough symptoms? Or is it pretty mild?


Yeah I talked with my psychartist and therapist about them, I almost went to the hospital for the first time a couple days ago. But they’ve helped me with an increase on meds and new techniques to combat my symptoms


That’s good, I hope the med increase helps you. :slight_smile:


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