Good morning


(Good morning. How are you?)


Here it’s night. Good night!

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Good evening (Bună seara)
I’m listening radio on my phone now

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I’m doing great. How are you?
I’m supposed to go out, in this cold, to watch my friend perform her guitar, at an open mic event tonight. I promised her I’d go. And now, I don’t want to go. I feel bad for feeling this way but that’s the way I feel. I don’t want to go out. I think I’ll just tell her that I have a migraine or something. That’s something that she understands.

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Guten Morgen! Wie geht’s?
Good morning. How’s it going?

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Oh, so that’s how it’s going eh?

Buenas dias! Como esta usted?
Good morning! How are you?

Estoy bien, gracias. Y usted?
I’m fine thanks. And you?

Yo Tambien.
Me also.


Cheers and good morning! I’m doing well today, symptoms are on low today, maybe this’ll be a good day

Hoping everyone is well.


God aften! Hvordan går det?
(Good evening, how’s it going?)

Jeg er til en håndboldkamp
(I’m at a handball game)

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Good night! :slight_smile: Sweet dreams.

I’m doing well today, too! So much better than I have been lately. :slight_smile:

Nice! German? It’s going well. I just went to the eye doctor this morning.

It’s going well!

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Glad to hear you’re doing well.

I’m doing okay, was pretty smiley this morning (not used to it, lol.) Chronic head pain is going away with my treatment regimen!

Currently fighting forum addiction. Need to work, but it’s not as fun as lurking! I may need a vocation change.

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That’s fantastic!! I’m happy for you.

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I am glad you are doing better than you were yesterday. :tiger::tiger::tiger:

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