How is anxiety related to schizo?

I have sometimes feelings of going down and down almost like falling from a cliff or into a well even in a familiar situation like being in the company of family and colleagues. I am not sure if it is anxiety doing the stuff inside me or something else. How is it related to schizo disorder?


Depression and anxiety are all too common with schizophrenia.

You’d find both were problems before meds but as medications work on some symptoms others become problems.

Most folk around here take medications for all three things. The sz/bi polar, the depression and the anxiety. I’ve found getting off anti anxiety drugs and developing strategies for dealing with crowds/people to be better than benzo’s at least.

It’s a complicated thing and it’s interesting if you read old, old cases of schizophrenia. A reason I feel we shouldn’t change the name. Sz is sz in all it’s many faceted forms!


I strongly feel i have Schizophrenia or Schizoaffective. But the doctors that i have consulted have opinion otherwise. There are occasions where i was not even able to tell about my problem in a convincing way to the doctor, so the doctor took upper hand and was confident about his theory for diagnosis as bipolar disorder. As per what i have read and felt so far, it seems like i am wrongly diagnosed. Which makes me feel i need to take medication on my own.

I always thought anxiety was my issue anyways.

Maybe there was a lot of anxiety in my life also.

But it was more than that, it was schizo.

I remember at one point in 2011 I wasn’t doing well and I told my friend I “had anxiety” and he shook his head at me. He knew I was sz also but he didn’t wanna tell me. But I was convinced that anxiety was always my issue. I was in denial I guess. And I have had terrible anxiety but it’s more than that.

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Same kind of feeling i have. I am almost like a stationary object most of the time, due to frequent panic attacks and anxiety. But as you say it is more than that. It is there for more than few years now, unsolvable mystery and impending disaster to my regular life. The whole world has fallen on my head. Anyways, i feel i am the only one who can help it become less dangerous. So i take the treatment in my hand and deal with it.

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My schizoaffective disorder started with panic attacks in my teens

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Did you have mania? Was it identified in early stage?

I had hypomania episodes on occasion since my teens but less often nowadays on meds. My depression was always much worse than the highs.

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I almost got addicted to mania as i learned to leave everyone without notice, enjoy living through loneliness and eventually now suffering depression for long time. Medication is working very slowly, i hardly notice improvements as i nearly ruined my life due to a manic episode 3 years back. Would like to have peace and peace only. No other pleasantaries needed.

I think the comorbidity is due to anxiety and sz being on similar pathways (namely dopamine and GABA receptors) in the brain.

I just remember how cocaine would make my anxiety worse and give me paranoia when I was using, and that floods your brain with dopamine

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