How have you improved your life

How have you improved your life. I want to improve my life. I’m trying to learn how to!

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I have been doing meditations, affirmations and mindful exercises to help with focus and concentration. And also have been working on my faith… I feel a lot better since my last episode end of June.


I got the right meds. Exercise every day. Try to meditate and eat healthy. Focus on other people instead of my own problems. Talk to a psychiatrist every two weeks and a therapist when I need to.
And it’s still rough but getting better


My doctor increased my risperidone and now there’s less crybaby in me. I’ve been enjoying
simple things like lying down with the fan hitting me. There’s a little more motivation as well.


Recently I quit coffee and the withdrawals are nasty but I definitely feel more clear headed.


I am starting to reduce my medications, and the improvement I hope will be lower prolactin, and relying less on these substances to control my symptoms.

For as far as I can remember I have always been put on acute levels of medications, and I am sick of it, so I am making positive steps to reducing.

The only drug I did not have an acute dose of was Haloperidol, but that stuff is like a sledgehammer

What medications are you on I’ve also got problems with prolactin on 3mg risperidone. Tried Abilify but ended up having minor relapse so went back to risperidone the psychiatrist said we can try 2mg risperidone next.

I’m only going to try that next year as ran out of sessions that the medical aid will pay for.

Pregabalin 300mg a day (Going to reduce from next week to 100mg twice a day)
Amisulpride 600mg a day (Reduced two days ago from 800mg)
Diazepam 10mg a Day (Reduced from 30mg)
Procyclidine 10mg (Reduced from 25mg)
Levomepromazine PRN (Reduced from 50mg per night for sleep(Not taken for nearly two months))

I am sorry Abilify didn’t work for you. Didn’t help me either. It’s a shame as on paper it seemed good side effects wise for weight etc

Biggest thing that improved my life was to accept taking antipsychotics.


I improve d I got job. I got gaming toys. Job is hard . Toys are cool.

I am satisfied with my life. I get what I wanted. Some people might think that I am loosing my life by playing video games. But I think this is what makes me happy. What makes you happy you have to find on your own.

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I think life is improving when you change you attitude


I lift weights now and then near enough every day.

I go to work regularly.

I seek help whenever I feel down with the demons.

I medicate myself to prevent depression episodes and psychotic episodes.

I quit smoking (90 days) and marihuana (73 days). I used to work near full-time, now just part-time. I try and exercise consistently but lately have been hibernating with the heat and smoke (I live in Cali).


Where in California are you?

He’s just lying. He lives in Kentucky. Just kidding lol lol

Sadly I haven’t improved my life much I guess now I brush my teeth twice a day which is an improvement over once a day

That’s ok, a lot of times people get stuck and it’s not your fault.

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so u got a job working with a toys toys factory.