How Efficacious Are Antipsychotic Drugs for Schizophrenia? An Interpretation Based on 13 Effect Size Indices


I reduced my Clopixol dose through massive amounts of EMDR, from 40mg per day down to 5mg per day. I pdoc allows me to manage my doses myself so I was able to titrate down the dose as the EMDR was taking effect, it would have been very uncomfortable otherwise. The process took about 7 years of EMDR two to three hours per day. I didn’t have much else to do so I thought to myself ‘Why not give it a shot?’.

Regardless of the importance of medical intervention to save the citizen’s life
But,all medical means used are originally not a treatment for a disease has a specific chemical / organic cause existed /embodied or active in the anatomical structure

Rather,it is a means to save the life of the citizen from the dangerous situation that he has become without targeting the actual psychotic factor itself

It must be seen as the means available to save the biological life functions themselves from the critical situation and the danger that threatens the continuation of that life ,regardless what is happens in cognitive aspect !

while the common symptoms that are reported about the condition cannot be touched or targeting with the effectiveness of the medicines used ,despite the rapid improvement that occurs on the citizen condition and is wrongly attributed to the Direct Effect of the medicine used !

The current treatments do not have a direct or counteracting affect on the malignant mental processes that are driven by the psychotic factor (vocal emitter) and causing the alternations that occur in the current thought’s concept that have been mentally understood during live broadcast that takes place in now or present time

They are the danger modifications that precede both the decision-making and its implementation into extreme behavior and feelings toward the oneself and others

The current medications
1- Do not mute the interfering signals emitted by the psychotic factor
2- Do not block the internal pathways in which the psychotic factor signals propagate
3-Do not prevent the psychotic factor from creating a modification in the meaning of self-idea whose data has been mentally understood
4-Cannot return the meaning of the modified idea to the way it was before the modification
5- The current medications do not block the self-mechanisms which receiving the signals of audible-vocal thoughts which driven by psychotic factor
((the psychotic factor is the thing that you call it Hallucination)

In summary,no treatment nor recovery from the core characteristics alteration which induced by action of sz condition throughout - the current medications !

What is the Maximum effect of any medical intervention on a citizen with sz ?

Immediately after the appearance of the psychotic factor in the inner nature and the citizen was subject to the first dose of medical intervention,then he fell asleep,and wake up the next day,and he lived like this day after day ,week after week for at least a month (in the presence of care//attention of others ))

at this point we can say that the medical intervention succeeded in saving the life of the citizen from a danger circumstances that arise the death of all directions,although during that period the citizen continues to suffer from the psychotic emitter who induces the malicious symptoms that create non stop problems and psychological crises that have no objective causes in the real world (practical life)

what is important thing in the matter is that the citizen remains alive after the occurrence of sz for a period at least one month without hurting oneself or any others

Saving life and keeping the citizen alive by medical intervention despite all problems that he suffer from,is the way to prepares a favorable circumstances to repairing the ruin that has befallen the self-beliefs of the citizen about himself and everything he knew,knows,felt ,feels,perceived and perceives in himself or around him

I am going down … i am still unstable … dr prescribed me thorazine . @Jonnybegood …hows ur journey with Thorazine … Please Give me some insight…

What mg do you take

I’m on a low dose but it’s good

Really stabilizes me

I take it with abilify as a prn

It helps me a lot but I only take 10 mg up to 2x per day.

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100mg generic one …along with 400 mg seroquel… i am confused …

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You’re good.

Seroquel+Thorazine sounds like a decent combo as far as antipsychotics go

One being atypical and one being typical

I’m on a lower dose than u but you’re on a good dose still :slight_smile: not too high

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but i am planning to withdraw 1st generation but increase the 2nd generation seroquel till 700mg if it doesnt work i will add zyprexa on the top of it… Lets see for a month .,.

Hope u having amazing day …

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