How do you wear your hair?

My hair is black brown and two inches below my shoulders. I wear it straight with a side part. Really like Gwyneth Paltrow’s hairstyle.


I wear my hair down, shoulder length, black, and I let it dry on its own so it’s wavy


On top of my head :tophat:


My head feels bald on top but im not bald.
Ive wondered if someones done something…
once at hair dressers all my eons went into girl next to me n was chattin through her body kinda but couldnt get back to me own body… baaa

My hair just reaches top of breast.
I think its cendre but different colours have been spotted in it.Maybe diffetent lights etc.

I love love love gorgeous hair does, braids, plats, etc but i dont think im good at it perhaps n only put buns n pont tails up most days or wear out.

I love getting creative with hair n some does ive seen are amazing.
Waterfall braids n all kinds of dos and braided buns and oh such nice ones there is n it can feel so nice to wear.
Feeling bald doesnt feel overly beautiful. But it feels just on top of my head.but im not bald.

I should wear my hair.

I dont go to hair dressers anymore either.
I would like to see mt self as a hairdresser or i would trust husband if get one move in … :slight_smile: or possibly a few others.

My hair is fine and straight.

Last time i tried perm it to give volume it went straight after 2 weeks.
But it can be crimpled with good crimpler but i dont have one right now.
so wear it straight.

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i hate my hair n usually shave it off, the last time i did that i wasnt too well and my kids thought that i was having a break down. just because im a woman!!

anyway i feel like shaving it all off again. i dont reaally care at the minute about wht i look like x

My hair is above my ear on one side and below my ear on the other. I love short hair, but I need to get creative with it because I have a scar running the entire length of the back of my head. I need my hair to be long enough to hide it.


Usually sideways. Occasionally upside down.


Pony-tail on most days because it’s usually windy here. Otherwise down, parted to one side. Easy to maintain is important since I hate fussing.
My hair is an ashy dark brown…with a lot of grey now.

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I wear it down always just below shoulders

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High and tight. 1515

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Crew cut.

Cut my hair 4 weeks ago. I am usually shaved on the sides.

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I hate long hair. I had long hair as a kid and teen. When I cut off my hair, I’m never going back.

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In a bun at the back of my head, covered by a turban-style headscarf. Its below my shoulders, but I hate wearing loose hair, its irritating. Wish I could cut it short pixie style but hubby wants it long.

The hair I have left I comb over to the side. I know it’s out of fashion, but I’m not willing to retrain my hair.

I dont like hair, it feels weird on me. I only had long hair as a little girl in pig tails and braids but its been very short for decades the downside is people call me homophobic slurs when I have short hair.
I wish i could skip the growing out phase and have long hair again .
Mostly though i like the feel of very short hair.

There may be meaning to it, but I’ve had a very short “Flat Top” for decades.

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sometimes layered… sometimes asymmetrical bob… sometimes long… sometimes short. i get bored so i always change styles… one time i dyed it burgundy red. i love red hair…

Generally in a half-assed french twist/ponytail hybrid. I can’t find any pictures anything like it. It’s long, and I just twist it up and shove a clip like this in it

And let the ends hang down in a ponytail.