How do you lose weight on olanzapine 10mg?

i need help i am on 10mg of olanzapine and i really dont want to gain a bunch of weight like i did before i quit and started back on it again

I take Topamax for weight loss and to prevent further weight gain, as I gained a lot on Latuda. It seriously cut my appetite.
Now if only I’d clean up my diet I could lose the weight :stuck_out_tongue:

I would like to know as well. I have gained almost 50 pounds from it.

its impossible …

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Walk up and down hills for at least an hour and 30 minutes a day. You won’t lose much weight on flat ground. I am fortunate to live at a bottom of a large hill. If you are at least medium functioning join a gym and use the treadmill on a significant incline. I have the time because I don’t work. I am only trying to maintain weight as I haven’t changed my diet that much.

I lost 5kg on it while accutely depressed. Not eating works. Now I’ve gained back 15kg, even while taking methylphenidate (which mimics leptin and typically leads to weight LOSS). I’m tempted to change meds, but I should probably look more closely at my diet/lifestyle first as I’ve been incredibly lazy for the past 3 months or so. There are alternative antipsychotics that are not associated with weight gain … my pdoc named one, but it alludes me presently …

If you’ve had your genome analysed (ie 23andme) you can see if you are genetically predisposed to antipsychotic weight gain. The same gene affects probability of drug use and addiction too. The AA allele of COMT gene, for those who are curious.

How have you found its impact on your alertness and physical energy?

im on 15mg of zyprexa, ive lost 15 pounds in 3 months from exercising and eating less.

its matter of changing your lifestyle and you will feel better for it , exercising even gives you more energy.

I studied the mind - body link and its true there linked im working on them both health wise the benefits are in abundance

they say your body is the greatest thing you will ever own, I agree.

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I once lost 28lb through not eating much over a few months - to combat some of the weight gained from it

Basically do you jaw clenching whole body craving extreme hunger for all day every day for a very long time… I have gained all that back and more - But that’s a long story… I’m not on olanzapine anymore

I’m on 30mg olanzapine and have gained 20 pounds in a bit over a month, it sucks. I’m exercising some and starting to eat healthier, so hopefully that helps me.

It’s worth mentioning for the benefit of others that extreme calorie deficits will result in changes in metabolism priority and fat loss will decelerate exponentially as the body gears up for basic survival mode. Intermittent fasting or mild caloric deficits with periodic carbohydrate loading (like a cheat day) will yield superior results mid term. It’s also proven that extreme or unpleasant dieting strategies rarely succeed long term.

Another trivial pointer, excessive cardio can actually shift fat stores from waist to hips in some people, which would be a very unwelcome surprise to most.

Cardio makes me fat, sprinting intervals melts the fat away.