How do you learn to live with the voices?

How do you learn to live with the voices? My psychologist told me to use mindfulness to handle the voices. Not be afraid of them, just accept they are there. Not interact with them.

Yesterday morning I was the only one awake. I heared a child say “Mom?” several times from the livingroom. I went and checked if my son was there. He was not. He was sleeping in his bed with the door closed. How can I NOT react on this kind of voices?
Now I’m home alone. I have ear phones on listening to Slipknot. I don’t want to hear voices. I felt someone standing behind me in the kitchen today. Creepy ■■■■. Now I lie in my bed. Back down. Nobody can be sneaking up on me from behind.

I am sorry you hear voices from time to time. It’s really confusing and creepy. I know you are happy with abilify and don’t want to change it, so you have to tolerate voices. I have no experience in coping with voices but I wish you good luck with handling voices.

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From the sounds of it… A little creepy isn’t it? Not to make myself sound like a douch or anything.
Any things that may help?
Other than medication. I suggest meditation: Try and focus the voices out and hear what are actually there.
I know, by experiences, the voices are hard to deal with! I can give you a tip what I do at some points.

I try to focus a voice out. Know you may get rid of one, but, it may be replace by another! So don’t feel like it isn’t working. Its’ like a threat and of course they will react to it! ^.^ I’m just trying to get you to listen carefully to everything around you. Try and distant the voices away by telling what actual sounds are around you. By knowing what are the actual sounds. The voices should slightly fade away.


  1. Look around you.
  2. Focus on the things that are creating ‘noise’ that way. You can focus more on what the noise is, instead of, what it isn’t.
  3. Put them together to make a solid sound barrier.
  4. Note: It may calm, or quiet things down for a bit. Don’t be afraid if this may not work, or may be too effective! They will be there, always. Just… Hopefully more calm and stable instead of constant thoughts blurring the air.

I hope this might be of help. ^.^

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I always try to figure out if it was a hallucination or an illusion. But this was a hallucination. 6 AM sunday morning. Nothing making noice at home at that time.

I think I understand what you are saying. Sound barrier is what “coffe shop” noices are for me. I don’t listen to them. It’s just parts of conversations. Makes no sense.

^.^ I’m glad I (might have) helped you out!

if all you hear is a child’s voice now and again you are very lucky. i guess you just get used to it after a while. i’ve been hearing voices for 14 years now so i’m very much used to it. i know they are not telepathic or anything like that and tes it can be annoying but as voices can’t harm you it is what it is. maybe you could try a different medication?

That’s not really true… The voices. From what I heard. Can change the way you see things… I sigh at that case. If I had that I would try and use what I knowledge to help other people. Sadly I can’t. But your right. They can’t, or can.

I have more voices than the child. But I can ignore the others most of the time, but not the child’s voice. Sometimes it calls for me, sometimes it cries in terror. Hard to ignore.

My routine on this . Is try to keep the mind from wandering. Meds help here. So if your watchn tv , try and concentrate , if your listening to the radio do the same.

you could sing uploud.

it apperently helps because it triggers the same regions in your brains
that are linked too the voices
yet who sings all day long, and i dont feel like to sing.

bu it might help you to cope…

it’s hard early in the morning, i hear you. and it’s hard when they’re distressed sounding or otherwise compelling. the ones i’ve struggled with the most are those that give orders. it’s hard to even consider it’s not real. but i think if you have a grasp on that you’re ahead in the game, so to speak.

this is why i have pets, frankly. my dog is a good distraction from a lot of the voices now. especially the more unkind ones. if it’s not too early to busy yourself, or if you can stand to listen to music, those things have been helpful to me in the past. if i can engage in a conversation with someone who is "in the know’ about me and can help me stay focused, that is useful.

it sucks to take all the meds and still have symptoms, but if you can find ways to occupy yourself and keep that mantra of knowing it’s not a real child, that’s all i can think of for now. best wishes to you.

EDIT: oh, i also go to day programme and some of the groups we discuss such things. it’s helpful sometimes to get a professional’s input on this. they might have an additional tip that could work for you. i think what works varies with the person, you know?