How do you know what to type for each smiley face?

Is there a list somewhere that lists all the smiley faces? I know how to do 5 smiley faces: :smile: and :smiley: and :wink: and :sunny: and :blush:. I’ve seen some that aren’t under that list.

I appreciate any help anyone can give.

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When I want to make a smile, I write a : and all of a sudden the smiley face list comes up, then I pick one.

If you type a colon : and then start typing a letter all sorts of different stuff come up. If you hold the curser over the image, eventually the name of what it is will come up.

If I type : with an s all sorts of stuff comes up… :strawberry:
:surfer: :sunrise:

If I type : with a p I get :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks SurprisedJ, I think I got it figured out. That is pretty cool. :+1:

Just call me :libra: Jay

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Cool - I didn’t know how to do it either. Just start with the colon : and then try any different letter and you will see all kind of cool things:

:watermelon: :whale: :ear: :evergreen_tree: :revolving_hearts: :tophat: :toilet:

Lots of fun.