My new fun addiction

i am an :alien:
i have a :rocket:
i like flying over :rainbow:'s

i value :smile:
i love :cake:

dark sith takes a bow…it has taken me nearly one and a half years to work out the icons, many thanks to @SurprisedJ.

peace out earthlings, hope you are having a :sunny: day.

take care


Most of us just read these posts… :sunglasses:

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Seems the first no longer works but the second has the cheat sheet posted.

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cute and sweet :slight_smile:

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Quite nice :smile:

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Nice! :rainbow:


:water_buffalo: <----Water buffalo, but it looks like a poodle.

:mouse2::relaxed::yen: <-----yen

:information_desk_person: <------information desk person!?!

:construction_worker: <----- Plus-head guy is a construction worker


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:alien: that’s cool :wink: .
take care

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:libra: J

Good grief

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Still a newb here, but creativity is a great focus!


I also like :fish: :tropical_fish: :octopus: :dolphin: :whale:


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:poop: Hmmmmm…

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My group at work is crazy about these -

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" who’s a clever boy !?! "…said the door mouse :mouse:
take care said the :alien:

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Here’s a site with all the new emoji.

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@darksith, are we going to have to have an intervention? :smile: :wink: :smiley: :smiling_imp:

i ran out of likes already :heart: so like.
and to the question it is too late for me :alien:

" save yourself…aaarrrhhhhhhhhh…!?! "

take care from the :christmas_tree: …" what the !! “…
the icons have taken over !!..” nnnnnnnnoooooooooooo !?!"

How could you go through 70 :hearts: in one day? That’s :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:!


:hearts: like
maybe it’s my ocd…!?!
happy christmas :santa: …" what the !! "

dark sith gets in :rocket: to hunt down his missing :hearts: likes…!!

take care from the :alien:

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Your :alien: looks great.

I think he makes a great signature sign.

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I sure hope this works. :dog: likes to go for walks past the :church: because he barks a lot at the :person_with_pouting_face: