How do you handle the stigma dealing with sz

I try not to let sz define me. I know, it is not my fault…with hearing voices, and getting delusional.

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I hate having psychotic depression because no one wants to love me. So I’ve just decided to love them instead instead of hating others 24/7.


It’s difficult to deal with. My immediate family all point the blame on medication taking , with no appreciation for the fact that med is not cute, it’s just symptomatic management. Having to explain it can happen regardless of med presence is tiring and depressing recurrence; you get the feel people want you to shut up, sit quiet and drug yourself - play it like a wallflower ; you cry inside but on the surface you can’t even muster the energy to be properly bothered by it

Honestly, this is partly why so many turn to finishing up what the genes don’t seem to want to directly do unlike say cancer

Personally, dealing with the stigma has been worse than the condition. People treat you as a pariah. My folks are the educated ones still it makes no difference at all.

No one ever treated me badly because of my illness. Familys pretty understanding. But i also dont go telling everyone i meet.

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I have no stigma anymore as I learned just to not tell any one anymore.

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I’ve never had anyone treat me badly because of my illness either. But only family and doctors know pretty much.

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Usually it is there fault if they judge you, or act disrespectful…from having sz.

Most people’s only experience with schizophrenia is what they’ve seen on TV. Imo their stigma is against a made-up Hollywood thing, not me/us. Some of them just have trouble separating fantasy from reality. Ironically it’s not us this time lol.

Couldn’t agree more. My Seroquel is a large, ugly and a gross brown-colored pill.

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i don’t have so many problems in handling the stigma but a few people dropped me cause of being sick though. But mostly i don’t have a hard time with the stigma but then i don’t go out often anyways, don’t interact with people so i don’t notice it so much, maybe it’s there but i’m spared cause im mostly at home and by myself.

I hate stigma I hate when people seem to think I’m the killer in a b grade horror movie

I live in sweden and there is not that much stigma her. people her are educated and non judgmental.

Here in America things are getting a little better in that the youth are very educated about mental illness.

There’s still a lot of people who aren’t very educated and ascribe it to something like demonic possession though.

In my work they took me out of being in front of the public to put me in a place where I won’t be seen

I often turn heads in town, or get filthy looks from other people. But then again, if people ask why I don’t work - I tell them I’m schizophrenic.

It’s usually only the unwashed and uneducated that take offence anyway.

Fck em. If you don’t like it, don’t bloody well talk to me, I won’t be crying myself to sleep over it.

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I only share my diagnosis with those I trust


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