How do you feel about pornography?

Do you look at it? Why?

What kind of pornography do you consume?

How do you feel about it?

I used to use it a lot in my twenties. I had a collection from ten years of ripping on a 1TB external hard drive that I tossed in the trash shortly after onset when the voices told me to. Since then I don’t look at it nearly as often as I used to. Maybe once or twice a month.

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Gonna need to invite the hardcore boys here with me
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I have a hunch you guys love it

Haha, in mad af

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It’s a necessary evil.


I wanted to tag you bro hahaha
I forgot thou


It’s there so I watch it.

I had a Brazzer’s account back before their name was Brazzer’s.


Bad for for you, bad for the actors, a bad industry. It’s pure filth.


I actually hate it. always did
the worst possible industry for the people involved


Written words are okay though
Books = No victim


I watched it in the past, “inspired” by some boyfriend. But now i never do. I think it is bad for everyone involved, especially the actors, and i hate the influence it had on me. It made me get used to things that are actually just not okay. I refuse to ever watch it again.


I haven’t looked at it for about 3 years after looking at it constantly for decades. I think it has helped to go off of it as I am not as obsessed with sex as I used to be (although I still have occasional problems with that one). I still have trouble talking to women even though the body sizes that I find attractive have expanded some. The main improvement is my dreams are much less disturbing than they used to be and actually contain more imagination. Unfortunately I’ve replaced my obsession with porn with an obsession to follow foreign conflicts like Ukraine and Syria. Just like my fears were about quitting porn I fear I’ll have nothing to do if I quit those habits. I also unfortunately have gained a lot of weight since I’ve quit. (I don’t want to discourage those trying to quit but I have to be honest). I’m not totally against people using porn. If it doesn’t lead to disturbing thoughts or dreams, or actions that’s fine with me.

I used it most all my life. (It was forced on me by my ex husband).

Then, I used it for my own gratification after my divorce.

Now, I hate it. Haven’t used it in many years.


Depends on which week it is. When I’m hyper sexual or whatever it’s a godsend to my sanity. When my libido is low it’s just a hassle and an addiction and makes me feel impotent without it.

My sexual moods come in cycles it seems :thinking:. Lately I’ve been really hyper sexual and really enjoying porn.


i seen something the other day that recently august ames who was a famous porn star made a statement about a guy who was going to perform with her and he was also gay so she was afraid of him having hiv or aids and didnt do the video then the internet and other porn stars got mad at her and started telling her to suicide herself and she did not long after that.

I watch pornography all the time, I just dont masturbate to it anymore. Makes it more enjoyable.

I’ve had a tougher time quitting porn, than I did cigarettes.


I use it now and again - maybe twice a month. But its always a let down. Jerking off feels like im doing it - for the sake of it. Lost most my interest in bonking i think…

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Ya I can’t jerk it because voices make fun of me.

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I don’t need it or like it. Society is already oversexualized in my opinion. Plus I hear the people who do it are sometimes in bad situations, and that’s not a good thing.