How do you feel about dating someone from another culture?

I am talking to an Indian man at the moment. He is a software implementation specialist. We don’t know each other very well. But the thing is, I feel like my family would be a bit uncomfortable for me to date someone outside my race as terrible as it is to say.


Honestly, you can do whatever you want. If you end up having a meaningful relationship with this person then nobody can tell you who to date. Not even your family. Just make sure they can be trusted before they meet your family.


I would love to date someone of another culture. It would be interesting to learn about it.

If your family is uncomfortable with interacial dating in 2017 you really should speak to them about their ignorance. I would honestly stop talking to my family completely if they didn’t approve of the culture of the person I was dating.


What’s wrong with dating someone from another culture? I mean they’re a person if you like them date them who cares what anyone else thinks. If your family is gonna be racist about it call them out on it.


race is arbitrarily defined, racism is an extremely primitive mindset. do your parents also use the telegraph to tell you to stay away from your indian acquaintance?

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tell them to hop in their model t and come argue it out with you lol

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Okay, everyone is telling you it doesn’t matter, and I’m a way, that’s true. But dating someone from another race has a unique set of challenges. People will give you sidelong glances and double-takes. Your family may have a difficult time adjusting. Your kids could end up looking nothing like you.

I come from a mixed race family. It is sometimes frustrating, because I look nothing like half my relatives, including my own siblings. Sometimes, people think we are from different parents and judge our family negatively because of it.

It can be really cool, too, because I get to be a part of two very awesome cultures. The worst part is the social pressure from external sources. You have to be able to be mature and secure enough to deal with random strangers thinking they are allowed to comment on your relationship. That said, my parents were happily in love until my dad died, and they would definitely say it’s worth it, if you really care about each other.


The question is, are you uncomfortable dating someone from another race? If you like him, stay. But if you feel culturally it is too problematic, I wouldn’t judge you for leaving.

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If you kinda like that person, give it a try. Sometimes love conquers the difference.

I think learning about other cultures is fascinating. I love making friends that have different cultures than me so that I can find out more about them. So with that knowledge I don’t think I’d have a problem dating someone of a different culture than me.

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I would love to date someone from another culture if it were so easy, but it’s complicated enough. :heart:

As an Indian I have a lot of experience dating Indians, both Indians from India and those brought up here. And in my experience there are some cultural differences and differences in thought patterns with Indians bought up in India.

As much as I hate to say it but I would think in advance with these kind of relationships (if he is from India). If he can’t stay would you be prepared to move? I have seen too much of these issues to not think about it.

I would say I wouldn’t date outside my culture but when I met my current partner I thought he was Indian (as he has an Indian name), turns out he is not Indian and denies being Indian. He is mixed. The only thing Indian about him is his name… :confused: But after all that, when I saw how sweet he is, I can’t even see what colour he is or that he isn’t Indian.

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that is assuming youre white! white parents tend to be more closed minded i think, certain ethnicities tend to want single race couples more. like ppl from india and pakistan. mostly older people.

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