How do you do this group pm thing?

i am still finding it hard to know what to do with this group pm thing,

like i like the people on there just now and i dont want to lose them but how do i add people or start new conversations etc, idk where to begin,

I notice that there is a delay. So I never know what to say.
You have a good group of people @Resilient1

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Daydreamer for example in the group with title “this is a test, lol”, press this title up on the left, to go to the start of it, and it says “Invite others”, you can press that too I guess and invite others.

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it may be peoples settings, my friend sweep was on it and she was having trouble getting the notifications and so i tried to fix her settings notifications in the preferences page at the bottom but after doing this it still wasnt working so i contacted admin for her and now the problem is fixed,

i wonder if anybody else has this problem? and if anybody else wants to start group pm? idk how it would work though lol

who do i invite then? others can invite people too i think as well lol

Why do you want to start a group within a group anyway? Some people I think will feel left out just because they don’t need to be any more private then we already are just from being by ourselves too much of the time. That is why I like to share with the entire group because I feel more people are getting to know me better and it’s important to voice our individual opinions to the whole world if we must. Sure we can all talk too much at times but that can apply to any of us. The only thing unique about talking too much is what we would say as individuals, but hey, we’re still learning and I wouldn’t worry about the adult bullies getting their kicks out of reading about someone’s serious suffering ways because I believe there are many more good people in this world then not.


group pm is ok, we have just been kind of sharing more than we would otherwise on the main forum,

i like it, you get to know other members of the forum more intimately, our group is small but i’m hoping to expand, maybe multiple groups could get going and then we can all get to know each other more, i’m just having a bit of trouble with inviting people thats all, i dont want anyone to feel left out though.

I don’t know who you want to invite, maybe we can ask here who wants to be a member. :wink:
So, who wants to be a member in the group message thing?

how about a list of regulars who we think might participate?

Why didn’t you just post all this in the group pm?

idk, nobody was talking lol

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I don’t know, I am bored of making a list :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t know all people here, so, I wouldn’t be appropriate for that.

god this is so hard lol

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So, it’s better to ask who might want to join us and add him/her. Don’t you agree? Unless someone doesn’t really want to talk and he/she is a troll so we will reject them. I don’t know…

i dont want to reject anyone really idk, idk what would happen if someone was mking people feel really bad except maybe flag them up for moderation but by that time the damage is done but at least they wont do it again (hopefully) unless it was an accident then we can forgive that person x

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I don’t know either, I agree with you. :confused:

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we also have the option of removing that person i think, i’m not sure, but i’d hope it wouldnt get to that

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Well you are right, but this happens often, so, we can talk about how many times it will happen, especially if this group will be active for a long time…

Nobody’s invited me!!! Waaaaah!!! Sniff* Sniff*

Seriously, I don’t know if I’d want to go in on that kind of thing. I like the forum setting too much. :wink:

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so does that mean i can invite you? lol