Do you want to join my group? 'whats up with you?'

i had a group chat before and it was successful and we supported each other but people move on and no-one else was added to it, i think we had about 20 members and it was really good for a while, it was just a test though.

this is the real thing, the title of the group pm will be ‘whats up? group pm’ but i am willing to listen to other suggestions about the name of the group,

basically whoever is in the group can see what someone writes and gets a notification when someone writes something in their notification box so they can read and respond quickly if they want,

if its ok with everyone i can send out invitations and you can either accept or decline that invitation, if you accept and change your mind i can take you off no problems just ask, same rules apply and you can still report people if there was any problems

the group pm is more personal and i feel that i can talk more easily there

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for what…???
About medication…?

i am interested but i don’t have PC.right now…
but soon i will…

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it works through the mobile phone as well and its about anything really, its a supportive group and it will be private except for the members who join, the only topic will be the one at the top which is the title of the group.

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