How do you bolster your self esteem?

I have low self esteem and keep thinking people don’t want to bother with me when I am needy. How does one make oneself more confident about asking for help?

Self esteem I find responds very well to the fake it till you make it line of action.

Just pretend. You’ll convince yourself eventually.


Yes, but I get so tired of acting.

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I don’t think there is any quick fixes if that is what your asking.

Have you tried a twelve step group? That might help.

hi chordy. did you ever have someone in your life that tried to bolster your self esteem? try to focus on what he/she said and did for you.

i hope this helps.

hugs, judy

I struggle with this, unfortunately a childhood indoctrination makes it harder, but I have found 5he talks, cds and books by Wayne Dyer, PhD. To be e trembly helpful.

I don’t believe my self-esteem increases when someone does something for me; I believe my self-esteem increases when I do something for someone else.

I say to myself that the best way to pick myself up is to pick someone else up.


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