How do you all remember to take your meds?!


Yes, injection lasts for weeks if not a month.

In case you still miss a dose, maybe you can talk to your psychiatrist so that you only take one time of medicine a day (either day-time or night-time). Plus, you can put the medicine at easy to spot area, maybe on top of an important object you will take with you daily, or will use frequently.


Thanks. I may have to do something because I am not liking the shot so far. It has me all out of whack


I try to take my medication at the same time every day. That helps.


I have written this earlier. My system of having two coctail glasses works very well, one for the evening and one for the morning. I typically fill these in advance, for example when I wake up in the morning I have all meds ready and so on. The system works very well.