How do I resize a photo?

I have some nice photos in my computer that I took with my digital camera. When I try to upload one, the instructions say the photo is too big and I should resize it. How is that done?


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Use a program like GIMP, Photoshop, Paintshop Pro, etc. I think MS Paint can do it too.

Scale the photo down until it’s of a nice size to be displayed on the forum. Then save the photo as a jpeg or png. That should lower the file size considerably.

How would I get to one of those programs?


You could also try an online image resizer. Google gave this as the top result.

Click “Quick Resize”, select your image, choose the size you want, then click the big yellow button. I haven’t tested it but it should work.

I just tried that online image resizer. It worked pretty well.

I went from this at 1.32Mb 1920x1080:

To this at 129Kb 480x270:

Looks pretty good.


You have Paint in your computer if you have windows. It comes with windows. I’ve used Gimp too a long time ago. It was really nice too. And free!

I love GIMP and use it all the time. I’d probably try Photoshop if it wasn’t so expensive and it wasn’t a cloud service.

For those wondering, you can get it at It’s free, and awesome.

I don’t trust MS Paint for its quality after resizing, though.
If someone on Windows XP, I would recommend Image Resizer (Power Toys).

I have also used Paint.NET before. It’s free.

I use

Thank you for the suggestions.

I tried downloading GIMP, but I ran into a couple problems.