How damaged is your spirit?

Do you feel like you are still yourself?

Damaged beyond repair

Im starting to regain mine back and just starting reinserting myself back into society after years of seclusion.

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My heart is gone but my backbone is still me if that makes any sense

Mine was pretty damaged, but might be on the mend again.

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Same here. My self concept has done a complete 180 in the past year.


I’ve always had a quirky, deformed spirit. I fancied myself as great when I was really mediocre. I’ve always lived in a fantasy world. One time I told this guy that one of my favorite themes when I write is that of a person moving away from himself or herself. He told me that in his case there never was much self there. That’s also substantially true of me.

I feel wealthy in spirit

My family and partner treat me like a ticking time bomb.

I’ll show them! There’s nothing wrong with me. I just throw my medicine in the bin every morning. The withdrawals just make me really dizzy.

I just throw my medicine in the bin every morning. The withdrawals just make me really dizzy.

@anon84763962, Why?

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Turtle, your family and partner love you and do everything they can to take good care of you. Why would you try to make it harder for them?


Turtle, I’m going to send you a PM.

No I’m making it easier for them because I have more money to buy presents.

no way. i am depressed for one thing and angry for another and aggravation causes it , not just the sz.


Your family would never choose presents over your well-being. You know better, B.


My spirit is infinitely stronger than anyone I have ever met. I’ve seen guys give up over far less than what I’ve been through. I always felt that if they could somehow cure me of these psychotic episodes, I would be the strongest, kindest person, capable of really giving back to the world. I always had a protective spirit. It’s been on self preservation mode for a long time. If I could just get my autonomy back I would be a behemoth!

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I have a really great freshman picture.

I try lately to think of who I was that big ole smiley person. Before my parents got divorced and my life kind if fell apart.

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What do you mean by getting your autonomy back.

Work school the normal life?

Yea pretty much. To be very specific, not having to worry about the psychosis coming back. That’s what hangs me up the most.

Sz really kicked my butt. I don’t know if ill ever be the same. And i get reminded of how deteriorated i am daily