How can one become more compassionate?

Do you think it is possible to develop that, compassion?

I have it I think but only to a degree.

What’s the trick?to become more compassionate

I think the “trick” has a few parts. One, realize there are things about yourself that rubb others the wrong way but that you are ok exactly how you are (self realization and love is always the start). Two, realize other people are ok exactly how they are too. Three, try to see whatever it is from the other persons point of view without judging the validity. Then try to feel kindly towards then for their issue.

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What do you mean by without judging the validity?

I mean that you can’t decide if it’s a tough situation or if they’re being wimpy. You just have to accept that’s hard for them or makes then sad. Stuff like that.

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Thanks for sharing Alice

You’re welcome. I meant it when I said knowing yourself and loving yourself is always where it starts. If you just focus on accepting you then I think the compassion for others is easier.

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I find it hard to be happy in my skin atm. But I’m getting therapy soon. They are currently reviewing which type I should get. They want to change it to interpersonal therapy which is more intensive :partying_face:

I kind of am OK in my skin but wen I’m around other people I suddenly feel so uncomfortable. And I think that’s my mind revealing that actually I’m not fully OK in my skin.

Anyways Thankyou, I am working on self care and journaling atm they will help me

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It depends on your aims. If you like dealing with people, you will take effort to improve your interactions. If you’re introverted, you aren’t into the interactions so much but you still do helpful work of some kind.

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