How can I prove I'm immortal without the risk of being wrong?

Are you having suicidal thoughts? I was suicidal when having such thoughts, I tried to kill myself twice to prove that I am immortal. Ended up in the emergency twice and then diagnosed with psychosis.

I’m actually pretty sure that if I ‘tried’ to kill myself, I’d ultimately fail…because I’m immortal, so no such attempt would even make any sense. I’d just end up in pain/damaged/etc.

Point is, this place (opens hands and arms to imply all of reality) isn’t as real as we all see it to be. And I don’t mean there are shady players in the background as I once thought but that reality follows such an arbitrary set of rules just close enough to regularity that we fall for it. In a way, I’ve found how to stir and steer my reality to be how I want. It isn’t without cost or risk, and doesn’t include any kind of ‘unnatural forces’ or paranormal juju.

It’s truly surprising what one can change with just a thought.

the past doesnt exist, only memories and evidence of a past. the past itself is an illusion created by the human mind. sure, things happened before but those things do not exist on another plane other than whatever state they are in in the present. your own mind is deceiving you that you can survive as a remnant of the past, but that is only in your own mind.

if this is the case, I’d like an usher to accompany my consciousness to a safe place.

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@gene I also do bar mitzvahs :wink: