How bad is metformin diarrhea?

I’m interested in metformin except for the diarrhea my stepdad took it and said it makes you sick.

Never heard of that side-effect. I’ve been taking it for years.

I’m on Metformin and experienced some minor stomach discomfort when first starting it.

my partner is on metformin she has experienced some discomfort but she has had diarrhea from her other meds including her birth control pills.

I have been on metformin for about 2 years and I have never had diarrhea, or any other major side effects. Just goes to show how different meds effect people differently.

My diarrhea was minimul and lasted two days.

I was on 500mg 3 times a day and had mild diarrhea for the whole 7 months I was in it.