How a party drug could become the next blockbuster antidepression treatment


Also heard it being used for PTSD in the USA in 2021.

It doesn’t mix AT ALL with Zoloft though.

Anti-psychotics MAY block the effects a bit too.

But I never had a bad experience with it.

Not sure about curing my depression but man did it feel like a giant orgasm throughout my whole body…interesting how psychedelics are coming into the mainstream

yesterday at AA they were talking about how “old people have the sweetest stories” and I said “when I’m old ill be able to talk about being arrested for marijuana possession like its unheard of!!!” and this old guy found my joke hilarious he kept going on and on about it lol


Also known as molly and x around here, and quite a fun drug to take. Cool! :rofl:

Disclaimer: When doctors give MDMA to people to treat a disease, they do it under carefully controlled conditions for a short period of time. Do not think this is a free pass to go out and experiment on yourself.


Yes I agree 100%. When I was 19 using LSD it was self-medicating. Self self self self medicating. I was talking to my therapist about this And I said if I had been under a doctors supervision it would’ve been purely beneficial to me. She said she has a colleague who uses magic mushrooms as a therapeutic treatment for patients despite it being illegal.

If I had been able to use LSD in a controlled setting I wouldnt be on this message board but alas it made me very psychotic.

I say reclassify every drug as a medicinal drug like it is. We don’t need Lsd and ecstasy stores, but if doctors can administer it would be great. Because all drugs are originally medicine. I think in my lifetime that will be medicinal psychedelic drugs but never recreational. Most the people over 18 using those drugs are originally using it to seek something I believe. It’s the lack of controlled setting that really creates the problems. Ecstasy started off as a weight-loss drug, LSD was considered to be a great tool for psychotherapy, shrooms were considered to stop depression , But only in a controlled setting with someone guiding you. Oh gosh have i yearned for a world with more medicines. Now that I’m on medication I can’t do anything, or at least shouldn’t, but I still hope for medicinal use of drugs. I even hope for medicinal heroin for addicts to treat their dependence, at least they know they’d be getting real ■■■■ and not fentanyl

Psychiatrists will be seen as drug dealers more than ever.
What’s next Heroine.
This is â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  ridiculous.
Psychiatry is getting desperate.

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Isnt heroin already legal in some countries under medical supervision. They go to the clinic, they get an injection, they leave after their sure they’re not overdosing, They come back later, it’s better than dying, only in the USA would think down on psychiatrists for saving lives. Their lives are already ruined by heroin, and treatment is more likely when it’s legal, because there’s less stigma, I can go on for days, the cartels, etc. I am a libertarian though so I don’t have the same arrogant opinion as most Americans about drugs. By the way I think heroin is the worst thing ever to happen to the American middle-working class in the last 10 years, But it doesn’t make sense to make it illegal. Plus when you make it controlled teenagers are less likely to use. Marijuana use among teenagers is there a 20 year low because of legalization. Want the article?

Diamorphine (heroin) is prescribed by doctors all the time in the uk. It is a very useful med.


Alcohol is the worst drug and it’s legal


Alcohol is the worst drug overall, because of its societal effects, people getting drunk and making fools of themselves by doing stupid ■■■■. But heroin is worse for your health because it can kill you a lot faster. I can bring up the chart for worst drugs but I won’t because it might Tempt people to use drugs that are really not safe for us. There were two studies done alcohol was The worst drug in one study and the third or fourth worst in the other. One study was based purely on Health the other on the overall picture

Fentanyl is the real killer In the USA. Most the people who died of heroin overdose did it from Fentanyl or relapse and taking too much their first time back. It’s a really unfair drug but it doesn’t make sense to make it illegal in my opinion

thanks everhopeful - interesting story.

MDMA has been touted by researchers as a cure for many things before including for PTSD, depression and other kinds of mental illness as well as terminal physical illnesses like cancer. Like opiates and LSD was used in the 60s for catatonia in Schizophrenia.

I think controlled tests of derivatives of these medications have lots potential for patients.

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I don’t know about LSD, but x is so easy to get, the stores would go out of business.

I did ecstacy one time and oh that was fun and horrid all at the same time,

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