Hot feet diabetes

My feet have been getting hot doesn’t this mean I’m turning diabetic?

Could be caused by diabetes. Do you know of any reason why you would think you have diabetes? Like from medicine or family history or something? Low vitamin b12 also can cause hot feet.

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I take antipsychotics which I know cause diabetes and I eat junk mostly those are the only reasons I can think of might having it

Not really. You don’t get diagnosed with diabetes based on one symptom. If you think you might, be tested for it.


I had suspicion of being pre-diabetic due to having sweet smelling urine. I got a glucometer and strips to test. Turns out I’m high-normal. So I should be careful with my diet.

Consider this glucometer (you have to buy strips with it though:)


As with most things. If your worried get tested by your regular doctor. I’m getting old so regular bloodwork is a must. I go every year at least once to get blood drawn. Picks up a lot of things these days.

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