Very hot feet

i was walking the other day and my feet were so hot. like my right foot was feeling so warm i thought it was going to burn. my left foot wasn’t so warm. i think it’s because i always put my pants cuff in my socks, which was a perfect practice during Winter


i think i might have akathisia or rls because my feet are always tingling and i cant even lay down because they feel so weird it sucks i wonder if cbd would help with this

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It could be fibromyalgia.

Do you have diabetes?


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i hope not. i’m too young to diabetes

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You’re never too young to have diabetes.
It’s best to be seen by your doc to at least rule it out.

My cousin became diabetic at age 7.
My mom is 80, (81 next month) diabetic, but she controls it well without medication by eating all things (including sugary stuff) but keeping it limited in the amount she eats.

well if i have diabetes, my latest health achievements are definitely not in vain then.

also if i have diabetes, it’s definitely from the microwaved ham

Next time, try the metric system.

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i prefer feet though ;p

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