Hospital Admission

Hi, I want to admit myself voluntarily into a hospital, but I don’t know how. Do I just go into any hospital? Will there be psychologists or psychiatrists at every hospital? I had delusions of persecution at my college.

Google psychiatric hospitals in your area. Only some hospitals have psych wards. Don’t be alarmed if it has bad reviews. They all do, because most people go in against their will and hate it.


Sometimes there’s no beds available and they have to send you to another hospital via ambulance. Just wanted to give you a heads up


Yes you can just go to the hospital. You usually have to be a danger to yourself or others usually or have suicidal ideation. If you’re sick enough to feel like you need the hospital then go. Yes they have social workers and psychiatrists.


Did you go to the hospital yet?

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you said had, are they gone?

Find one that takes your insurance. Sometimes you have to get things like that preapproved.

If it’s an emergency just go to the emergency room and let them figure it out.

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No, I might go this week. Does anyone think that my personal doctor will help me with my symptoms? I had delusions, but I realize that they’re not real.

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Do you see a psychiatrist?

My gp emailed a reference to the hospital with a psych ward one time so that they made sure they had a bed ready for me that day then from there they got me psychiatrist and reference to the mental health community team im in Australia so dont know if its different where you are but here letting them know your coming will help you get a bed easier. Have also been in an emergency room because of symptoms they looked after me quite well in the local hospital until a bed opened up in the hospital with the psyc ward.

I live in the USA. You can just go to the emergency room here. I think most hospitals here now have psych wards.

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