Hormones are messed up

In April I was given hormone pills to stop a very long period because of this I have symptoms of pregnancy and missed my period… my doctor said to give my body time to rebalance my hormones… my husband and I have decided that we want a family… maybe not yet but soon ish… maybe October or December we’ll start trying

Anyways I’ve have awful cramps and tender breast I’m taking Midol for my camps and just living with the breast tenderness


Why rush?

Aren’t you guys pretty young?

I wouldn’t rush. Enjoy a year of time together first. Just enjoy being married and freedom e to do stuff for a while.

@anon54386108 I’m 28 and he’s 32… my mom and grandma both hit menopause at 39 and I want 2 kids about 5 or 6 years apart before I hit 35 to try and stay away from having a change of life baby so I don’t have years and years to sit back and say oh I’ll wait years and years before trying not to mention we both want kids so honestly why wait a really long time to have kids when we both love each other
Add on @anon4362788

It’s just that it is fun to spend a year with just you and your spouse.

And kids are 35 isn’t bad. My last one was born then. It’s just really late like 40 makes me go What? Lol, I barely have patience for a 10 year old at 45, no way I want a baby.

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@anon4362788 I see where you’re coming from but as I said my family tends to start menopause early

Have you talked to your therapist about it?

@anon54386108 no not yet it’s a while befor I get to… he’s the only therapist in the office or in around my area and the center I go to is trying to hire someone but I guess they aren’t having much luck finding someone willing to drive a ways or uproot their lives but I do see my therapist later this month some time


I strongly urge you to talk to a therapist before trying to get pregnant though.

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@anon54386108 I will I was planning to anyways

@anon54386108 besides it’s not like I’m actively trying right now

My parents had me when they were 20 and 17 years old. I don’t think 28 is that young. Of course, people had children when they were younger back then.

And look how fine I turned out :crazy_face: Minus the Sz of course. ha j/k


I personally think it’s better to have them fairly young while you still have lots of energy and can do things with them.


It’s your guys’ choice… I don’t think 28 and 32 are too young… my husband and I are 27 and 28.

I never liked how old my parents are compared to me, especially now. So better to have them young I think!

Of coarse talk to your therapist too🙂

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