Hope you wake up with a smile

I really hope that you are in for a happy day. Try to take it easy on yourself if you can, give yourself some time to relax and enjoy yourself
Best regards sending love x


thanks…it was a good day…just woke up but it’s evening here. I still get happy when I wake up because I realize my life is pretty good.


Thanks @anon53412708 waking up with smile is the best thing. Always smiling is next best thing. And life has to be taken light and see the positive.


I agree, i think i’ve always been quite optimistic which is lucky. Sometimes it can even give me a false sense of security maybe.

Life isn’t supposed to be a curse and If there is something we learned through trauma that we need to shake off then its possible that through empathy and understanding we can get better.


@jukebox That’s good to hear and I think its a great perspective to have when you find yourself feeling appreciative of life. Many of us have felt the opposite way at some point and its good to feel positive emotions again


oh I’ve been down and I’ve been up…up in life right now…hated being down…had to get over being alone and found someone was my key…i don’t do well alone.



I’m glad you are positive and thank you for good wishes for us to wake up with a smile.

Back at ya!

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