Hope this isn't too religious

And some people go all their life with a relationship with Christ, and never had a single one with a person with a disability.

My grandmother comes to mind.


I use to have faith in my psychiatrist as they talked me out of my religious belief. These days they don’t want to have responsibility but control.

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I think that A.A. may have changed all that, somewhat,
A Higher Power.
just depends on if it was detrimental to you.


On a quest on something indisputable.
Meditation is listening to the universe/nature
Praying is talking to the universe/nature
I know that much.


I think that everyone gets touched by varying forms of what most people call “disabilities”. I don’t call them that, I call them variances. Different ways that people express themselves. Religion is kind of like that, there’s a lot of variances because people are different.

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Some people have spiritual life and their life go well while other haven’t and feel good about their life

what term would you have used

I really don’t think this needs to turn into P.C.

@Daze I’m not so good with abbreviations, what does P.C. mean?

politically correct.

My SSDI, and MEPD, both use ‘disability’.

And many, many job applications I’ve done.

Sorry, religion. Glad you found something that works for you, though.