Holy holey cheese, Batman!

Y’all, the corticosteroid injection I just got in my very bad knee is making me feel better! I’ve been cleaning and moving around without it swelling up (it gets hard, warm, and inflamed, and it lasts for days even with rest). I’m so thrilled that you wouldn’t believe it. I have a long drive today to pick up my new girl, so it’ll be so super nice not to be crying in pain and cursing my joints by the time I get home.

I want to lose weight, but more than that, I’ve just wanted to be able to move around without pain. Now I should be able to walk my puppy! I don’t want to put her off on someone else. It’ll also help with having a job.

Thanks for listening; I’m so happy, I just had to share.


You know what. I was just sitting here in a rut in my head absolutely needing something to brighten my morning and you just did, thank you! I am so happy that the shots worked and you have relief and can spend time with your puppy. That is excellent. She will get the love and attention and training she needs to do her best. This couldn’t have happened to a nicer, more deserving lady.


Oh I’m so glad for you @Happy_H!

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well that’s really good news…glad you’re happy.


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