Hobbies that benefit our illness

Any ideas? besides fitness…? Gaming maybe? not sure…

I need to start gaming again. I have a cool Star Wars game I got and I have never played it :-/

I just find I spend a lot of time with the tv on lying in bed trying to sleep.

Work is good though. I find it a good distraction and if you make yourself useful too you get some satisfaction from it. It’s about the only thing in my life right now.

I treat it as a hobby I guess, and I get paid for it, so not all bad!

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As a male I’m back into modelling tanks and other vehicles from WW2. I grew up with all that stuff and I need an outlet so modelling isn’t too bad. It’s relatively cheap and it requires some skills and technique. It’s early days yet and I have a lot of changes as I skit around activities pretty regularly but have a friend who is into history so it’s a reason to say hi and catch up!


My hobbies are learning a new language and playing a guitar. I participate in a group study, talk over the phone, use a language exchange app. I take a guitar lesson every week and now I can play some songs. These are fun and not bad to try. :grin:


I like reading
I’m also doing a online bookkeeping course sounds boring but it gives me a goal


I like making simple Android apps… here is one I am somewhat proud of:

I enjoy recording music at home too although I don’t have expensive equipment and just use my keyboard and laptop.


I have many hobbies: reading classic literature (my favorite), piano practice, meditation, yoga, art history and appreciation, volunteering for my church, social media.

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Photography. It’s story telling using images. You can learn a lot from it as a hobby. Also dirt cheap these days with the excellent cameras built into phones and free online storage and editing.

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If u can handle a manual labor job. I have a hellish time there but am on cloud nine when I’m not there. Plus I get paid.

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I game, it gives me a healthy distraction against voices. It also gives me small accomplishments and goals to work towards


I’m impressed with how much everyone does! I recommend volunteering. You feel useful, purposeful, needed, and appreciated. The opportunities are endless. You can serve with people or alone. You can help people or animals, or you can do project-oriented work. You can even volunteer from home, writing letters, preparing care packages, or making meals.


I used to play my guitar to pass the time but I’m too poor to restring it and several strings snapped.
I tried adult colouring but that’s not for me.
I’m thinking about trying to paint
I write a lot of poetry which is very cathartic.
I have a list of movies I’d like to watch.

Thank you in Arabic is Shukran. Thank you in mandarin (Chinese) is shíshí

I had a lot of different hobbies, but right now my negative symptoms are too strong.
I barely listen to music but have been watching Netflix once in a while.

I used to play guitar, paint or draw, and write poetry.

Hopefully I’ll get back into my hobbies again.

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Physical aerobic exercise fastens metabolism. Pills slow it.

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