Hmmm, I need an "anti-something"

An anti-psychotic? No not exactly.
An anti-depressant? No, that’s not it.
I need a darn anti-happiness pill. I’m too happy!!

I feel good for most of the days despite what would look like a terrible situation to most people.
The jobs in jeopardy, I’m having roommate problems, my back is killing me every day. I’m just doing average in school.

But I feel good most of the day. In my current housing I live with 35 people in three different buildings, there’s both men and women. The men outnumber the women. I have to share a room but my roommates cool and a pretty nice guy. I like him and I like his girlfriend, she’s one of the nicest woman I have met. She’s 27 and above average in looks.

But we get along well for some weird reason. I like her. I have embarrassed myself a dozen times over when I’m near her and I think, "Well, she’ll never talk to me again " but she is still nice to me and acts like it’'s no big deal. She’s cool. In fact I am learning this about people, (or at least my neighbors) that I can screw up and no one is going to hate me or hold it against me.

I always worry about making faux puas in my different living situation and so I don’t talk to anybody else. But now I learn I can embarrass myself and the world doesn’t end. No one is holding it against me. It’s real freedom.


Im feeling really good today cuz I’ve been productive and really adjusting to a place five hours away from home after a bit of a transition period. But I’m so hungry. All day long. I keep eating and eating but nope. Still hungry. Idk what’s wrong with me! Had a good telephone call with my mom earlier and am excited about the future. Feeling good.


Where in the world are you? I have never experienced that.

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West coast baby!!! Where everything’s groovy


Ahaha! Both @77nick77 and you live on the west coast and you’re both happy. The west coast is the Land of Happiness and Tofu! :rainbow: :peace: :smile:


I actually felt good today too. After a long drawn out deppressed void. I have my rabbits now


Sounds like living on the west coast is doing a lot of people some good :smile:

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@77nick77 sorry about your back and your job. But yes, mildly embarrassing yourself in front of pretty ladies is one of life’s simple pleasures. Just stay away from that locker room talk with the roomie, or you’ll just say nothing and blush the whole time.

@Moonbeam Tofu? Are you a vegetarian like me? When I was on the west coast it was about sushi for most folks.

@Kazuma Yay for bunnies! My last rabbit died very recently. Soon we will get more. Actually, pet rabbits are partly what inspired me to go vegetarian. All animals have a personality.

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That’s a funny way to put it but it’s true.
Girls like guys who aren’t afraid of looking foolish every now and than. That’s why the guys who get up and dance in clubs in front of a crowd are always the ones you see talking with pretty girls they just met while the rest of us guys are stuck hanging out together sipping beers and laughing at how stupid guys look when they dance. But they have the last laugh.

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California dreaming, on such a winters day.
The west coast has the sunshine and the girls all get so tan.
Courtesy of the Beach Boys and The Mamas and the Poppas.


I have a slight infatuation with California. I’ve never been there even though I visited the USA. I look at youtube videos of LA etc.

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OK, that’s kind of cool. I lived in Los Angeles when I was in grade school. I remember some things about it but not a lot. Hopefully your infatuation will blossom and turn into true and pure love, lol.

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I live with about 40 other schizophrenics also. I don’t feel bad here. In fact, I feel pretty good, like you. I’ve been in this situation for over 15 years, though. I think it is time I tried something different.

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What are your options Crimby?

I can move into public housing, which is good near where I live. There is a grocery store in easy walking distance, as well as the building where public psychiatric services is located. It’s a nice setup.

Yeah, it’s good to take a chance sometimes and kind of shake things up.

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Even if you don’t live in the state or country it is crucial u go to this site before getting more bunnies. Cause if u do the research on there ur next bunnies will probably be some pretty happy fellas. Shes like the Jane Goodall of bunnie or something. And they have a facebook page so if u have one u can send them a question too

@77nick77, I can only speak for myself here, but it’s refreshing when a guy can be honest enough to admit to doing (or allow themselves to do)something “embarassing” in front of me.

I tend to gravitate towards those that aren’t afraid be a bit silly, because they are much stronger than those who cling to a group and criticize from a distance.

All humans make mistakes, so that makes perfect humans liars.

The only perfect people I know are liars.


Great quote!!! !!


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