Hitler as an artist

Doesn’t quite have the same “beauty” to it when you learn the guy killed millions of Jews… But he was a pretty good artist. But was rejected multiple times to art school and felt shame and took it out on a whole group of people. My roommate cites his art as “archaic” but it’s still pretty good. Better than I could do at least. I learned recently he was an artist before the leader of the nazi party. If only he was accepted to that art school. Maybe world history would be waaay different. Interesting.


This is fascinating. I viewed Hitler’s 25 paintings expecting to see dark and gory scenes, but they are quite to the contrary. I agree with you that history would have probably been much different if he was accepted to art school.

Psychological projection?


be careful guys. you know what he will do, if you disapprove of his artwork. I’m not being paranoid

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