High blood pressure

I dont know if my blood pressure is caused by my medication or not.
Now this! Illnesses are piling up.

I have high blood pressure, I take a beta blocker for it. It is probably the illness, the cortisol in paranoid scz’s makes us always in fight or flight mode.

I also have slightly elevated blood pressure. Causes a lot of anxiety. My doc prescribed me with a beta blocker, but only a small dose.

panax ginseng, onion, tomatoes ginger,flax seed.carrots and Chinese hawthorn are good for hypertension.
prevention is better than cure get 5 portions of fruit and veg cut down fatty foods take 30 minutes exersize a day.


Low B.P. and high B.P. are both no good.
But it depends how high you systolic and diastolic. And it must be persistently high over a period of time before a med is prescribed to you.

The only good thing about going to the hospital today was normal blood pressure and pulse. I too am on a beta-blocker.

I have three blood pressure meds I have to take every morning.

So far the highest i noticed was 145/83, but usually its 138/80, i get head pressure and pain on my left side of the brain, all this started around 22 of december.

Mine has been better but I am really strict with sodium now and take in a lot more potassium than I used to. I recently stopped buying bread which is loaded with salt and eat salt free pasta or rice if I need a carb fix.

Mine has registered as high as 198/96. For most of 2012, it averaged 165/90, that year was nothing but stress. don’t have a Dr currently, so have no idea what it is now.

Hi @Mindwhisperer I dont think its the Risperdal that is causing your High Blood pressure, you are on a very low dose anyways.
I have high blood pressure - watch your sodium intake and try to avoid certain cold medications as they can cause higher than normal blood pressure.
I dont know which other meds or supplements you are on, but maybe something else is causing your high blood pressure.
I take 2 different high blood pressure meds everyday - mine is probably caused by diabetes which was triggered by the psych meds