Hiding large sum of money

I’m on disability and I have a very large sum of cash $11,000 to be exact all in $100 bills. I’ve been saving for a very long time. I’ve also sold a few of my possessions. I’ll probably have more if we get stimulus.

I can’t put it in a bank and I have no one to trust putting it in their account. I’m worried about fire and theft. I want to hide it close enough that I can grab it in case of an emergency and need to get out of the house fast.

I’m saving because the only family I have are my grandmother and mom. My grandmother has alzheimers and my mom has lung cancer.

I’ve been saving for a place to live. My support system is collapsing and I won’t have anyone to rely on. I don’t want to end up homeless and I don’t want to live in a bug infested apartment surrounded by drug addicts.

I have friends but I don’t trust them 100%.

I’ve thought about burying it in the yard but I’m worried someone might see me and steal it. I’m paranoid and take it everywhere with me.

I don’t know what to do any answers?

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Why cant you put it in the bank?


Hmmmm… Have you thought about getting a safe?


Why someone will take it

Have you got a small safe you can put the money in? They are strong, have a code that you need to know to crack it (and only you’ll know what that code is). They are usually fire proof and are small enough to put away in a cupboard.

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Not necessarily-- if it’s one of those big safes it’ll be too heavy to move.

My step dad had a safe and I picked the lock on it all the time. If someone wanted to they could just take the safe and crack it open.

I also went thru a phase of not wanting to put money in the bank.i used a safe

I got my safe online second hand for cheap and its fire proof, need a heavy enough one that not easy to run off with

I’m not spending $500 on a safe

I live with my cousin and he knows I have money. If he wanted two he could just walk out with it or have someone help him.

I used to b worried about bank and theft too. But I think if ur careful with ur personal details it’s cool. Some banks even give u the money back that’s stolen sometimes. Mine does.

There is a old saying " if you want to keep a secret, tell no one" the more you tell the higher the risk

Yeah I know loose lips sink ships.

So are you just going to ignore me are you?

Yes because it’s personal

Well you could of just said that.

I thought about it after I posted my original message. I knew someone would ask and should have put that in. Sorry did’t mean to come off as rude.

Oh well I guess I’ll hide it behind a painting in my room. The only person that knows is my cousin.

You can buy small cash lock boxes on Amazon that are fire/water proof

I paid about £30 for mine.

It’s a bit bulky, but still small enough to hide

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