Hiding large sum of money

Just hide it in your clothes drawer and hope no fires hit

$11000 is nothing to a bank.

These are places that deal with million dollar plus mortgages regularly. Why do you think they will take your $11000?

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Pablo Escobar Narcos lol Drug dealers burry their money in barrels underground, millions of dollars.

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I have a safe in the bank. It’s very secure and I pay 70€ per annum. It requires a key and a code to enter. So no one besides me has access.


Seriously you can either hide it in a shed OR buy bitcoin or stocks/mutual funds with it.

I have legal issues if I put it in the bank it could get seized.

If you live in the US you can get an ABLE account and it won’t affect your disability.

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Get a safe thats fire proof. Keep it in there.

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A bank is the best option.

Unless I buy a 500lb safe someone could walk out of here with it. My step dad had a safe and I could pick the lock on it. I can pick almost any lock and I can teach you how to do it in under 5 minutes.

Any safe that would be secure enough would cost a fortune.

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Then I suggest an ABLE account if you qualify

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I have legal issues pending. I can’t have any assets for the time being.

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You can’t stay on disability that way unless you have an ABLE account.

I don’t have an answer for you then. Good luck with it

Sorry to hear about your mum and grandma.

That must me so difficult for you to deal with.

You are doing so well to be thinking and caring for yourself and future.

I have $200 in my underwear draw for future vet bills .

Hiding money you can forget where you hid it.

I once opened a book with money in it.not much but still.:slightly_smiling_face:

Taking money with you every where I would not recommend.Easy to get lost or stolen.

Wishing you a network of support beyond your mum n grandma and that you will get through this beautifully.

I like hiding money under my mattress.


Yeah it’s rough with my mom being sick and it’s all on my shoulders to take care of my grandma. I’m doing everything I can to keep her out of a nursing home.

I had $400 and didn’t even know it. I put it under my keyboard and forgot about it. I thought I was missing money but wasn’t sure how much. 3 weeks later I moved my keyboard and found it. It was like hitting the lottery because I was broke at the time.


Can you give it to someone you know so they can keep it for you in their house? Maybe put it in a friends or family members bank account to keep for you.

Or just say “screw it” and spend it all on a huge party and girls and then you won’t have to worry about it anymore.

I wouldn’t bury it, or keep it in your house. Someone around here lost $2,000. If you can’t put it into an account, I would purchase something, you can insure and possibly sell later. Or buy a car or something.

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