Hi there, I'm new here!

I don’t know if if in the good section, but I’d like to introduce me before posting here. :smile:
My name is Xavier, I’m 21, I’m French and living in the region of Britain, in Brest (please don’t laugh)

I’ve found this forum because I was seeking for some informations about my mental disease and found this website and forum that have been really helpful and although my English is not perfect and terrible I’d like to exchange with others in this forum about medication, experiences and, why not, lighter subjects

I’ve been diagnosticated with Schizopherenia at 19, and struggling with it since 2013, I’ve been hospitalized 2 times, first time because I had sucidal throughts and had auditory and visual hallucinations and second time because I’ve stopped my medication and made a “relapse” (don’t know if the term is correct)

I used to be under Xeplion (known as Invega Sustenna in America) but I didn’t like i and due to that made a relapse, been also under zuclopenthixol during some months but I was feeling really tired and changed to Abilify which works fine for me and doesn’t have a lot of annoying side effects excepted maybe I don’t feel full when I’m eating

About my passions I’m a huge music lover although I don’t really “feel it” due to my negatives symptoms but I’m still enjoying it, also a video game enthusiast and I’m somtimes reading books although it’s sometimes hard to focus on what I’m reading, I force myself to do it to improve my concentration and memory but it’s not something “painful”, I like it, but focusing, especially when I’m tired is such a pain.
But not when it comes to mangas which is easier to read than a book, huge manga lover too.

So I guess that’s enough for now, sorry if I’ve made mistakes, my English is kind of terrible as I say above, if you have questions, feel free to ask, I’ll be happy to answer them :smile:


take care :alien:


Just joking.

Welcome to the forum. Remember to take everything you read here with a grain of salt. There are many different people here with diverse opinions. The main site is full of good information so make sure to check it out.


Your English is totally understandable (and then some). Welcome to a new trekker from Brittany.

Thanks everyone ! :slight_smile:

There’s a main site?

ur welcome xavier… :grinning:

Bienvenue à la communauté. Ne vous inquiétez pas, votre anglais est très compréhensible.

(I wish my French was that good. I don’t get to use it much and it probably shows.)




what does that mean …???pixel… :smirk:

Ca va? Je m’appele Mouse, j’ais pris trois ans de Francais en un l’ecole internationale. Je prefere anglais mais je peut comprends Francais, alors j’ai etudie Francais quand j’etais dix-huit.

My French sucks. Welcome!

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“Welcome to the forums. No worries about your English, it’s easy to understand.”

Le Pixel.

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Il fait beau! Bonjour. Oui, oui. Je Mappelle Turningthepage.

That’s all I know

Oh yeah and

Bienvenue :smile:

Hi there and welcome :grinning:

Hello and welcome, do not worry about your English are a number of non native English speakers here ( as im a native Russian speaker ) And people understand me and my English is a lot worse than yours! :smile:

Welcome to the site :smile: Bienvenue! Your english is fine.

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are u using Google translator…jus kidding… :open_mouth:

English and French are the official languages of Canada. English is my first language, but I made an effort to become fluent in French in my youth. I live in rural Western Canada where speaking French is an oddity, so my language skills are atrophying from disuse. I read French magazines to try and combat it, but if you’re not actually speaking it every day… (sigh)


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welcome to the club @Xavclaire enchantée :doughnut:

Hi how are you a doing?

Thanks everyone for your warm welcome ! :smile: