Hi guys whats up?

How’s everyone this morning/afternoon/night? anything new? whats going on?


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How are you yaya.

I want to go to the health club, but I have a meeting with a healer.

So I will go to this meeting and then to the health club.

Hey man I’m good thanks!
Been chillin lately…

How bout u?

What kind of healer is this?

A healer that is supposed to “cure” my schizophrenia, or help me recover.
I don’t think will work.
I go as a concession to my parents.

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I hope it works out for you !

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Thanks @YayaC !
That’s very kind of you!
Awesome mate!

Have you heard Chance the Rapper’s new music?

4 new songs?? I heard it.

Good? did you like it?

Yeah it was cool :sunglasses:

Awesome man…


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What’s up with u man? anything new?

Not really. Just kinda going through depression lately but feeling a bit better now.

Hey yaya! You good bro?

yea thanks…

anything new with you?

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i feel ya brother…
stay cool and stay sober

Going great man!

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