Hi guys i am having extreme anxiety Attacks what to take ...!

I don’t know my doc gave me fluxotine…!!! how do u guys deal in such a situation …!!

Have you tried effexor for anxiety? I’m trying it at the moment .

I usually take Ativan

I just use breathing exercises these days, but used to be on vallium…

Benzos are more of a sticking plaster and my Dr knows better than to give me any more…

Any benzo would be ideal, though they are far from a permanent solution unfortunately.

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i use a lavender essential oil. i have never found anything like it!! i put it on my temples and instantly i feel better. INSTANTLY. i’m not a huge fan of the smell but i can get used to it. it helps so much, please please please go get some.

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sorry to hear about your anxiety…try deep breathing exercises and meditate on something in the palm of your hand, like a rock, or a flower, anything, just focus on that one thing, don’t let your eyes wander. that should help. good luck. anxiety is only in the mind, you can defeat it by taking away it’s power over you by being not afraid of it anymore. let go of the panic…let go of the fear…


I have Vistaril on hand for anxiety although I rarely take it. It helps very little and makes me tired. My anxiety is usually caused by my paranoia so I just take extra Risperidone. I have a long history of panic and anxiety. Went untreated for decades. It’s no fun at all. I hope you feel better very soon. Maybe try deep breathing and/or a hot bath.

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Klonopin and a bubble bath

I’m on Vistaril and Risperidone too.

I would try seeing a therapist. CBT might help some.

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I am in therapy. I also take meds. The paranoia is better, it’s just not gone. When I take the extra Risperidone, it helps. Even though I had a lifetime of anxiety, it is better now with my meds and it toned down with age too.

I am in therapy too. I do okay now. I have an extra .5mgs of Risperidone that I take in emergencies.

Sorry. I should’ve made a separate post. I was addressing the second part of my original post to the OP.

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