I am having intense anxiety which med to take

My anxiety never been solved i was okay for 2 days again anxiety started …i am feeling hopeless now…why life is so complicated…

you’re not on regular meds every day??

you need to be.

And not just for one or two days, then nothing.

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Nope i need instant remedies…my fallow up will be another couple of weeks…i take medicine regularly …thanks anyway daze…

are you able to call the office tomorrow morning for a new med

or do you need to be seen to get it?

I don’t know instant remedies, except maybe chamomile tea,
yoga, or a long soothing bath.

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Try valerian root tea

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I take Klonipin 0.5mg twice a day as needed for occasional anxiety. It works really well for me. It lasts a long time in the system. It’s a prescription med though.

Other things I do for anxiety are:

Yoga 20-40 min. per day
Meditation 15 min. twice a day
Foam rolling as needed
Prayer throughout the day
9.5 hours of sleep per night
Creative outlet every day (very important as they say that very anxious people are really creative geniuses).

Sorry to say it, but that just doesn’t exist.

A medication stays in your bloodstream at all times and is working around the clock. If that is not “instant”, I don’t know what is.

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I started taking invega as my antipsychotic in July 2015 and it didn’t start working until February the next year. If that isn’t “not instant” I don’t know what is.

ILMAO. That is funny!!!

15 characters?

Cause you got me there!

For supplements, theanine is very effective for schizotypal anxiety.

This might sound strange, but when I am having a panic attack, I put an ice pack on the back of my head. The back of your brain is where your limbic system is, and that’s where your anxiety comes from. When you cool the area, you reduce the activity in that part of your brain, and it lowers your anxiety. Then, your rational thinking gets a chance to regain control.

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@far_cry0 I was thinking about you today. Why don’t you spend some time to learn some graphic software like Adobe Illustrator? It is so freakin easy and you can make graphics all day long and afterwards sell them?

I met a bunch of folks from India and Asia who are so freakin talented on these design sites. . I am just saying maybe a creative outlet could help you?

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