Hi from Denmark

Hey there
Just wanna say hi
I have, nine years ago, been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and it has realy been a battle. I am still finding my way and thought i could get some inspiration and comfort here.
Hope to here some of your stories.

Pernille from Denmark :blush:


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Welcome @Sethunya :sunrise_over_mountains::rainbow:

welcome !!! @Sethunya

Welcome to the forum @Sethunya!

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Welcome to the forum. My story is that in the beginning I thought I had DID
from some childhood trauma
until I started getting forced speech
and thinking conspiracy against me

finally saw a pdoc, and he diagnozed me pd.sz.
didn’t get on meds til I was 27, off of meds, I’ve had full blown psychosis

so I stay on them, it was so traumatic

Thx. :blush::blush:
Hope you’re having a nice evening .

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Welcome and hope you find some help. There’s always more to learn and share

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Me from africa :grinning::grinning::laughing::laughing::laughing:

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wHERE in Africa?

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Welcome to the forum!

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welcome to the forum

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eGyPt :grin::grin::grin:6666699999



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Welcome to the forum. Did you have voices? Were they lifelike and intelligent?

Welcome to the forum! We’re glad to have you.

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