Hey! What's Going On?

Why was my hilarious, gut-busting, knee-slapping, outrageously funny post removed from the board?

I didnt read i have no idea
But i just wanna say I’m offended. :expressionless:


You didn’t include the pic mentioned. I think that was why.

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Okay, OKAY!

So my post included the words ‘balls’ and ‘lawn chair’.

Was that the problem?


I missed it.!!!

I just reviewed the post in question.

Gee, maybe it was cause you made a joke about another member having a beer in hand when that member is 28 years clean and sober?

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I think of patrick as a troll anymore…he’s always offending someone…I think he’s a troll anyways.

i dont know. but it makes me want to see it now. lol

I did not know this. dont think i have seen him around much, but i am an on again off again poster.

I would think the mods would bust him for trolling?


My bad. I’d forgotten about Nick’s sobriety when i penned that post.

On another note…

Jukebox has hated me from day one when I arrived here a few years back. For some reason he is extremely jealous of me/ my lifestyle. I’m not really sure what it’s all about, but the dude can be quite petty, as evidenced by his post in this thread.

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