Hey its morning here

well its another day, and i am off to the shrinks , got my list of what i need to talk about, and its long. on my way i am droping off a friend and his gal at the clinic , then after my appointment is a trip to the med shoppe to pick up my monthly meds. my drummer Don is stoping by at 1 for lunch and jam out. i just wish the bass player would stop by but he works all day. hope you all are doing well as the cold is hanging around for three weeks. not happy about it. got to go…thanks Zen


Hope everything goes well for you @DrZen. I see my therapist tomorrow. I have thought about making a list of things to talk about like you said, I have just never gotten around to doing it. maybe I should.

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Hope you have a good day @DrZen. Told my support team to bugger off and leave me in peace for a week. Ands its lovely- doing my own thing in my flat. Hope you get your meds ok.

It sounds good to me. There seems to be energy in your post.

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