Hericium erinaceus (Lion's Mane Mushroom)


Has anyone tried lion’s mane mushroom? It is a medicinal mushroom that is known to have neuroregenerative effects and has many benefits, such as being helpful in Alzheimer’s disease. I was just wondering whether it could be helpful in schizophrenia.

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I have heard of it and have researched it a little bit but I have never tried it. They sell it at our local health food store. Try searching for Brahmi, Curcumin, Magnesium T, Ashwaganda and some supplements called nootropics. All of the above have worked well for me. Try these things one at a time.

I just recently tried Lithium Orotate but it made me incredibly numb and emotionless. I completely forgot how well I was doing before I started to take it. I purchased it after a single instance of racing thoughts. I am slowly recovering from the Lithium. Today was an excellent day and I am looking forward to tomorrow.

Tried for a few months. No results

There is a case study of Japanese schizophrenic who after 35 years recovered using a lions mane extract, it repairs the myelin sheath which when damaged causes psychosis, I huffed inhalants 20 years ago which destroys myelin, Iv had psychosis ever since, Iv ordered Lions Mane I’ll post if I see any results.

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