Here's hoping Americans don't do the dumb thing

It’s looking more likely they will.


I’m trying to write an epic response, but the volume is so high on Green Day’s American Idiot CD I cannot concentrate.

What would be the right thing to do? Revolution? Storm the palace gates and forcibly remove our new overlord and everyone else involved and start from scratch…I see no right answer…

I think fleeing the country may be the best choice…go hang out with @Mountainman

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Im pretty sure hilary is going to win. Trump would be exciting but I don’t think he’s got a shot against crooked hillary


The two main choices are both garbage tbh.

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I know politics is a no no…but I’m scared…if Hilary wins we pick a fight with Russia…if trump wins economically were doomed…not that its in great standing now…this could be the end of america…I guess we had a good run…but you can’t stay on top forever says every major super power since the dawn of time…over expansion abuse of your people and war are usually the culprits…that and exporting most of your jobs to other countries…

There is a saying I’ve heard - I think it came from the UK, something about “American’s always do the right thing… after exhausting all other possibilities.” - not sure if its relevant here - but thats what it reminded me of.

And please - no politics :-).