Herbs and Homepathic Treatments for Schizophrenia?

Thinking now, they’d be doing the same thing as a medication prescribed for a set of symptoms. There is a lot of info out there about herbs that treat psychological symptoms and conditions. Why aren’t they being investigated?

I take chaga, vitamin D, vitamin C, niacin, krill oil, magnesium and zinc.

I don’t know if it helps or not. My thought on the matter is that I’m still schizophrenic, no matter how many herbs and vitamins I take, but it’s not hurting, either. I’m sure there is some brain-body connection where ill-health of one impacts ill-health in the other (healthy body — healthy mind, and vice versa).

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hmm more pills a hole molical pill is better then man made?

Big Pharma…
They have been investigated but almost never get FDA approval despite some of them showing promise. So you have to research on your own, then need to find the true herbs and vitamins opposed to the synthetics or ones that aren’t as potent as the fresh pure stuff. If anything is processed, the more it is processed the less effective it is…and there are studies done on fish oils…all fish oils are not the same…some are nearly useless… I bypass all the hunting around and paying astronomical prices for gel caps because I eat pounds of seafood, especially salmon that has the oil right in it. Plus not just fish for O-3 and other omegas… Flax, Olive Oil, some beans, some nuts… get them fresh as you can, not roasted or blanched or bleached, or in other words made non effective by processing…


But, while it lists beef and Soy beans, beware…must go organic, non GMO, no antibiotics, and organic grass fed cows, not the commercial beef that’s in most stores… otherwise you are just defeating the purpose.

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