Hello party people

Lol, just messing, how’s everyone’s night going? So I’ve been single a week now and my positive symptoms are coming back, people talking, me thinking there talking to me, hidden messages everywhere… Can’t say it’s unwelcomed, but it is a cautious road to take


Hello :smiley:
Its 10 AM here, for me its just start of the day, hopefully I get some things done today.
You know hidden messages for me at night, says to fall a sleep with meds in place.
So how was your day?

Yep, 10 pm here, got another 30 mins before meds, gonna go shower, but the day wasn’t bad, getting used to being in my own, whatcha plans today?

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My plan is to do an incomplete course, I had done 85% of the course and they had reset the entire course, so have to start from the beginning currently done 55%, need to complete it by tomorrow.

It’s 10 pm here too, are you from alberta ?

What’s the subject of your course? And that stinks u gotta do it over again

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Nope, not sure where Alberta is… I’m in az

I’m an Albertan. Hoping to be a Newfoundlander sooner than later.

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Natural Language Processing is the subject, I am still doing it again as its like a revision anyways.
So, you are staying alone? that should be a challenge.

I’m from edmonton . Does newfoundland have places that compare to edmonton. I grew up in edmonton so I don’t see myself moving any time soon

Alberta is in canada. We have the same time zone as AZ

Well, darn it. I used to live near you, but in Barrhead where my wife used to work. We’re now to the east of Calgary in Strathmore.

Thankfully not. I’ve lived in this province all my life and I’m tired of it. The ocean calls to me.

Just got baby to sleep after she was up for 6 hours straight😳

Sorry to hear :confused: hang in there!! Do you have a psychiatrist or therapist or someone to talk to?

No, thankfully my parents took me in till I can get in a housing voucher

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I do, actually, therapy at 1 tomorrow

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Awesome! Good to hear…
Maybe they can get someone to up your medication a bit? Just if you’re feeling symptomatic…

The ocean is a pretty good reason to move

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That’s the thing, it hasn’t been like this for a long time, I’m wondering if it’s the stress impacting me weird…

How olds your little one?

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Probably… but idk, I guess you will see what the therapist suggests🤷‍♀️

And my bebe is a little over 3 weeks old

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Even I stay with my parents, and that how I am able to learn some courses.
I don’t know if it was my pdoc saying me to not stay alone,
broke my confidence to live separate.
My dream is to be independent.