Hello. New here


I just turned 25 and I am hopefully getting out of boarding care for once in February. So excited! I’ve lost everything including all my friends but I’m ready to start over and thought that this might be a good place. Just introducing myself… See you around I guess.



I’ve been in that place before, the good thing is that it’s only up from here.


Welcome to the forum!!!


Welcome :gift: :smiley:


Welcome and see you around.


Hi and welcome.This my first day also and I’m really enjoying it.I was looking for people that share my illness and how they cope and I found it here, good luck.


Welcome to you too!


Welcome, hope you find support you need here.


Thank you I appreciate it.


thought i would say hi.
take care


thought i would say hi also.
take care


Thank you! And welcome to you too brea.


Welcome and howdy. Good to see you here. :smile:




Allow me to apologize in advance, everything i say is depression, off color, moronic, or strange.


greetings to you both…nice to have you here



I’m glad you found this site…

Welcome and I hope you find some new ideas.


Welcome to the two new people.theres some great people on here, to share experiences with.


You’ll find acceptance and support here. We’re glad to have you.


You’re welcome. I think it is the right place to start from your insightful journey to counter your illness and have some sort of support from people like minded. Good luck


Welcome-both you!